License for Text and Data Mining (TDM)

This is an opt-out statement for the EU directive 2019/790 of the European Parliament on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market pertaining text and data mining for commercial use.

When any copyrighted content from this website is included in the training set of machine learning models or other data mining methods, attribution and share-alike terms fully apply. Any results or output created using data from this website must include clear attribution to the original author and allow re-use of such output under the same terms.

An exception for pure scientific use is explicitly granted. If any content from this webpage is used for data mining, analysis, training machine learning models, or related methods with the final aim of open access publication including trained models or other intermediary results, inclusion of data without attribution is permissible. However, this exception only applies for academic use aiming at the increase of public human knowledge. Data mining framed under an academic subsidiary or other weird workaround constructions with the intention of re-using the trained models in a proprietary, commercial, or military setting (looking at you, OpenAI) are not covered by this academic exception and are expressly forbidden.