The academic review process in one example

The academic peer review process can often be frustrating --- not only for junior members of the research community. In this blog post, in the name of full transparency, I walk through a particular example of a process that took nearly 3 years from start to final publication. The main lessons are that iterations help the quality of a paper, and that persistence can pay off (but no guarantees).

Context authentication

[Finished Jan. 2008] Research into context-based device-to-device authentication.

Context prediction

[Finished Nov. 2004] PhD project on predicting mobile user context


[Finished Sept. 2014] Open source Ubiquitous Authentication Toolkit


[Finished Jan. 2008] Relative spatial positioning

JKU Tor exit node

[Running] High-bandwidth Tor exit node at JKU/INS for research on use of anonymization

Josef Ressel Center u'smile

[Finished Sept. 2017] Research Center for User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments

Sampling Pulse-Width-Modulation Codes on the Parallel Port

Introduction For an upcoming research project, I needed to get data streams from simple 2-axis accelerometers. There are usually two types of accelerometers: one type with analog outputs that need an ADC (analog-digitial converter) to sample, and another type with pulse-width modulation outputs. The latter has the advantage that it can be sampled with purely digital inputs like the standard parallel port of current PCs. Thus, the crazy idea of attaching accelerometers directly to the parallel port instead of using a micro controller was born.

Speech at Promotio sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae

After finishing my doctoral studies in technical sciences with my final viva voce on 18.11.2004, I have been honored in my promotion (PhD graduation) on 29.11.2005 by the president of the Austrian republic. The Promotio sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae is a special form of promotion specific to Austria and is dependent on the grades reached in school and at university (see Wikipedia). It was a great honor for me that our (at that time) current president, Dr.