Disposable dynamic accumulators: toward practical privacy-preserving mobile eIDs with scalable revocation

Providing methods to anonymously validate user identity is essential in many applications of electronic identity (eID) systems. A feasible approach to realize such a privacy-preserving eID is the usage of group signature protocols or pseudonym-based …


[Finished] Enabling IPv6 address privacy on Android devices.

Malware report for

Executive summary is seemingly an iOS and Android library/SDK to bundle with other apps. It is a special form of malware typically referred to as spyware, and is even worse than the typical advertiser network libraries that include in-app advertisments during use. Therefore, do not include this library/SDK in your app if you want to retain a decent reputation with users. How I know about it As with so many advertiser networks, I was totally unaware of appjolt.

Private Notes

[Finished] Cross-platform end-to-end encrypted note-taking app