Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Secure Communication for Line Current Differential Protection Systems over Packet Switched Networks

In this work we propose a secure communication concept for the protection of critical power supply and distribution infrastructure. Especially, we consider the line current differential protection method for modern smart grid implementations. This …

IPsec/L2TP gateway for Android and iPhone clients on OpenWRT

How to set up an OpenWRT router/gateway as an IPsec/L2TP gateway for Andoid and iPhone clients The only “reasonable” (that is, not counting PPTP due to its known security issues) VPN protocol supported by default on non-rooted / non-jailbroken Android / iPhone phones as clients is the combination of IPsec and L2TP. Most probably, this was chosen due to its out-of-the-box support by newer Windows clients and MacOS/X as well.

Howto combine Chillispot with OpenSwan on one machine

Imagine the following setting: there is some (possibly 802.11a/b/g wireless) network, which can range from a single access point to a complete backbone network of access points working together via WDS, or even a wired network infrastructure. This (W)LAN should serve two purposes: act as an open “hotspot” type network where users do not need any special client configuration to use it (other than maybe a username/password combination or some prepaid account) simultaneously allow registered/special users to use it for purposes that are not open to the first public group These are usually seen as two different use cases, and both are already in extensive use.