Requirements for an Open Ecosystem for Embedded Tamper ResistantHardware on Mobile Devices


Insufficient security and privacy on mobile devices have made it difficultto utilize sensitive systems like mobile banking, mobile credit cards,mobile ticketing or mobile passports. Solving these challenges insecurity and privacy, could result in better mobility and a higherlevel of confidence for the end-user services in such systems. Ourapproach for a higher security and privacy level on mobile devicesintroduces an open ecosystem for tamper resistant hardware. Big advantagesof these modules are the protection against unauthorized access andthe on-device cryptographic operations they can perform. In thispaper, we analyse the requirements and performance restrictions ofthese hardware modules and present an interface concept for a tightintegration of their security features.

Proc. MoMM 2013: 11th International Conference on Advances in MobileComputing and Multimedia