Towards Alternative User Interfaces for Capturing and Managing Taskswith Mobile Devices


Mobile devices, per definition, are supposed to assist in organizingall kinds of things, also tasks of course, because usually such devicesare always at hands. But due to the very limited and time consumingpossibilities to interact with such devices many fall back to othermeans to organize their life, like a simple pencil and paper. Wedeveloped a collaborative task repository that facilitates collaborationand teamwork, but on the other hand demands that all tasks have tobe entered into that system. Therefore a smart and userfriendly interfaceto that repository is mandatory. This work presents concepts on howto improve the user interface of mobile devices so that capturingtasks on-the-go becomes feasible. We propose to move away from displaydriven user interfaces to more sophisticated interfaces that utilizeall the sensors and actors of current mobile devices.

Proc. MoMM 2008: 6th International Conference on Advances in MobileComputing and Multimedia