A Critical Review of Applied MDA for Embedded Devices: Identificationof Problem Classes and Discussing Porting Efforts in Practice


Model-driven development (MDD) has seen wide application in research,but still has limitations in real world industrial projects. Oneproject which applies such MDD principles is about developing thesoftware of a feature phone. While advantages seem to outweigh anydisadvantages in theory, several problems arise when applying themodel-driven methodology in practice. Problems when adopting thisapproach are shown as well as a practical solution to utilize oneof the main advantages of MDD—portability. Issues that originatefrom using a tool which supports a model-driven approach are presented.A conclusion sums up the personal experiences made when applyingMDD in a real world project.

Proc. MODELS 2011: ACM/IEEE 14th International Conference on ModelDriven Engineering Languages and Systems